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   Most Beautiful.  The Great Royal Wife of King Ramasees II.  Her participation in State Affairs is unparalleled and is reflected in the titles assigned to her, "Great King's Wife, Lady of Upper and Lower Egypt and Lady of Two Lands.

   In the Valley of the Queens is her Tomb which the Ancients called, "The Place of Beauty."  Nefertari is the only Queen in which a temple has been built  and dedicated to in her honor.


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          You have entered into the Gallery of Queen Nefertari.  On display today we are featuring handmade designer jewelry, handmade jewelry, handmade wire wrap jewelry, wire art jewelry, handmade beaded jewelry, handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry, handmade sterling silver jewelry, handmade copper jewelry and handmade gold filled jewelry.  Bold, colorful, dazzling handmade jewelry fit for a Queen and a King that uplifts the mind, body, and spirit.  We hope you will enjoy browsing through our unique handmade pieces of art.

          Before you begin your tour, we suggest you make yourself comfortable.  Get a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, loosen that belt and kick off those shoes.

          Our collection of handmade designer jewelry consists of Copper, Sterling Silver  and beaded  jewelry.  We offer a unique selection of handmade earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  The techniques utilized in creating our handmade jewelry designs consisting of wired necklaces, bracelets and earrings; date back to well over 6,000 years.  This Ancient art form was first discovered in the tombs of Ancient Egypt.

          Nefertari Designs brings to you affordable, unique and innovative handmade wire jewelry that enhances any outfit you may choose to wear.  Whether it be jeans, casual or formal attire.  Jewelry for any and all occasions.

          We are committed to providing  you with high-quality handmade jewelry made  with precision and patience.  Quality components are used to ensure durability of our product.  You end up with a uniquely, handmade intricate piece of art that is affordable and brings unlimited compliments.

          The use of gold filled, sterling silver, and copper wires are braided and twisted into beautiful flowing unique jewelry designs.  Semi-precious gemstones, Czech glass, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, pearls, turquoise, crystals, an assortment of other eye-catching beads and oddities are included in the make up of our high-spirited jewelry.

           Many of our handmade jewelry items are one-of-a-kind; other pieces are made in small, limited quantities.  We do not mass-produce our jewelry.

            You will see handmade jewelry designs made out of Copper wire.  The Copper wire we use is non-tarnished.   The discovery of Copper dates back to pre-historic times.  There are reports of Copper beads dating back to 9,000 BC found in Iraq. Copper spread to Asia where it was used in the creation of inlays, embossed façade on palaces, temples and ceremonial vessels.  Pre-Columbian Americans used Copper for bells, ornaments, weapons, beads, earrings and armor of very good technical quality.  The word Copper comes from the Latin word Cuprum derived from the Greek word Kyprus. Cyprus was the principal source of Copper.  Antiquity felt that the Goddess Venus dwelled where large amounts of Copper had condensed.  Modern uses of Copper range from computer chips to solar power cells.  It is a key material used in telecommunications.  Copper is also found in beauty creams, foods and in the human body.

   Thank you for shopping at Nefertari Designs.  We hope you will find that exquisite handmade piece of jewelry that is uniquely you. 

               Please check back with us frequently.  The handmade artwork displayed is just the beginning.  We are working on many more creative designs.  Stay informed, join our mailing list.


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